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Coolest Cows
Coolest Cows
Coolest Cows
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It's about time...

To make your fridge even cooler.

Melkunie's latest campaign heroes these fantastic animated cows. Hiding in the cooling fog of your fridge they are overly excited to burst out and spice things up.

Concept art cow v008
Char cow look Dev v015 groom Test
Cow Design

These are the projects we live for. Pushing the limits in both animation style and character design to create memorable and in this case, very funny content. These cows need to look cool, and hilarious at the same time.

Site overview

We were very inspired by 90's 2D animation stylized animals and their quirky deformations and poses. The mouth hidden below the snout and the ability to separate an additional lip-shape gave us ultimate control in creating a wide range of expressions. That combined with the popping googly eyes and floating eyebrows were udderly satisfying for our animators to work with.

We use a very solid primary shape and exaggerate typical cow-like features to keep the character recognizable. Leading lines were very important, and maintaining these throughout the animation. Topping this all off with realistic and tactile materials, including fur, enhances the unique look.

Char cow look Dev v015 groom Test brown CU2

OOH campaign

Keep your eyes peeled, the billboards below will be plastered all over The Netherlands.

22117 OOH 1 vla v003
22117 OOH 2 melk v003
22117 OOH 3 yoghurt v002
22117 OOH 4 havermout v003
After the initial campaign's success our cows have returned for more
23149 OOH 1 invlatiecorrectie 1x1 v011

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