We are Colorbleed. Colorbleed. creators. animators.

Colorbleed is known for its character-and story-driven work that leaves a mark.

As a team we work with the omnipresent drive to produce memorable art and content. That is our passion for animation. From the critically acclaimed short film Mac ‘n’ Cheese to the praised cinematic gravitas in or cinematic trailers we’ve built our team to produce high quality character animation –on steroids.

The Goods


  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Character Design


  • Style Development
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects


  • Editing
  • Compositing
  • Color Grading
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Our culture

It’s inspirational to be among peers who love telling stories and don’t want to leave any story left untold. That’s Colorbleed. We believe that every story can be sparkling to your imagination when told the right way.

We have an open atmosphere and take up that same light friendliness to our communications with our clients. It’s not just getting us on board, but working closely together to produce the story you had only begun to imagine.

Join us?