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Pizza Punten
Pizza Punten
Pizza Punten
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Oh, we just love cheesy stuff!

Forget about your board games and consoles. New York Pizza has a new game for you. PizzaPunten! That is Dutch for Pizza Slices, but literally translates to Pizza Points, haha get it?

The rules are simple. Order and eat a lot of pizza. Collect as many PizzaPoints as you can.

What's at stake? No hi-score, no level up, but FREE PIZZA!
Please be aware, there's a chance that along the way you will gain a few extra pounds...

Together with Bucky, we fitted this new New York Pizza loyalty campaign out with an arcade look. Including this pizza box that eats its way through the PizzaPoint Universe. with an insatiable hunger. Get out of the way Pac-Man! Free Pizza Here I Come!

You don't like games? Incomprehensible.... but not that big a problem. You can just download the New York Pizza app and get a second pizza for free with your order, just as (ch)eesy.

Bucky nypizza icons pizza hotdog v003 1920

In addition to the TV spot we also developed a number of tasty icons that are used for banners, printed on pizza boxes and countless other print and online advertisements plastered all over the World Wide Web. And in the future: merchandise! 🍕

Bucky nypizza icons cookie lava cake v003 1920
Bucky nypizza icons pizza silver gold v003 1920

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