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Join McDonald's Summerpass Paradise

We're super stoked to spill the beans on our latest project with none other than McDonald's! They've unleashed an epic Summerpass in their App, and guess what? We played a major role in making this summer a blast!

Mack's back!

Hold onto your hats 'cause our main character "Mack" is back and hotter than ever! You might remember them from the Getaway Island winter campaign, but this time, we've given them a total summer makeover. Think trendy summer attire that screams "coolness"!

Platforms filled with eye-popping animations and visuals that totally match the summer vibe. We've got a crazy and fun bunch of stuff going on in there!

We also whipped up some awesome content for the exciting games you can enjoy within the app. This app offers you the opportunity to embark on exciting summer challenges alongside your friends. Compete in thrilling games, with the chance to win fantastic prizes. Every week, you can unlock exclusive deals and get your hands on cool McDonald's merch. Summer is all about sharing, and this app makes it even more enjoyable

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