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Getaway Island
Getaway Island
Getaway Island
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  • 51North

Take a break from the hectic Holidays and come with us to McDonald's Getaway Island.

For the 2022 McDonald's holiday campaign we created an island filled with wonder and excitement away from all the Christmas turmoils.

Mack from concept to integration

Every island needs a welcome party and Getaway Island is no exception. Enter Mack, your island guide with a quirky and fun attitude. As this campaign was targeted mostly at a younger demographic. We wanted to ensure that the character would be relatable and appealing to a wide range of individuals within this demographic. To achieve this, we focused on creating a balanced and neutral appearance for the character.


This included avoiding overly muscular or feminine physical features and choosing more neutral clothing and accessories. We believe that this approach will allow the character to connect and resonate with a diverse group of individuals.

5 medium

Not only is Mack your guide through the Island, Mack even shows up in a couple of games! For this we created various actions that were then integrated to create games that feel connected to the Island vibe.

Designing Getaway Island

We were also responsible for designing the assets for the app, which included creating unique settings for each area. For the employees of McDonald's we created The Crew Area, a cloud world with an ice cream clubhouse representing the exclusivity of being part of the crew.

The Shop Area is designed to look like a pier by the sea, giving users the feeling of being in a coastal paradise. The Games area features classic game icons with bright neon lights, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Shop drawing
Shop rendered
Music drawing
Music rendered

Despite being designed for a winter campaign, we wanted to give users a taste of summer in each area, without making it too obvious. We carefully curated every detail of each setting to ensure that users would feel like they were truly transported to another world.

Games drawing
Games rendered
Crew drawing
Crew rendered

To make the settings feel even more lush and inviting, we used icons from McDonald's throughout the app. This helped to create a cohesive design language that tied everything together and made the experience feel like a true getaway.

Games concept
Shop concept
Music concept
Crew concept

A totally immersive and playful, fun app experience McDonald's Getaway Island by 51North and Colorbleed

A great collaboration between Dutch digital experience agency 51North, creative brand experience agency TBWA\X and 3D animation studio Colorbleed for McDonald's Netherlands: McDonald's Getaway Island. A campaign for the festive season. Created as a fun, immersive experience to get away from the December madness. Four virtual worlds with five custom games, giveaways and special offers. Our Dutch Digital Design curators loved it!