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  • EWZ


Vrony Takes Flight

Our team recently had the pleasure of creating not one, not two, but three jaw-dropping short promotional films for EWZ and the annual Züri Fäscht. And let us tell you, it was an absolute blast from start to finish!

Our journey began with the character design phase, where we poured our creative juices into crafting multiple designs for a remarkable drone. We added a dash of cuteness to this little flying wonder. And voila! Vrony, the adorable drone, was born!

Untitled 1
Vrony top side v005 1

We took footage of the breathtaking city of Zurich and, with the power of artificial intelligence, crafted a stunning environment that would serve as the backdrop for all three films. We also sprinkled some VFX magic into the mix, elevating the animation to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Working on this project has left us buzzing with excitement!

Full credits


Publicity Agency


Producer Boutiq


Executive Producer


Art Director

Technical Director

CG Supervisor

Animation Supervisor