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Emoji® Beats
Emoji® Beats
Emoji® Beats
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Production Company

Emoji's stealing the show

(and our hearts)

Rocka Billy, Funky Fez and many more of our favorite new rubbery friends are having the time of their life. A true dance-off to show their best moves and get customers pumped to race to the nearest Aldi store and start collecting.

Our goal is to always, and perpetually level up

Any concept cooked up by our clients gets a colorbleed transfusion, to take it to the next level. In this case, intensifying the playful and cheerful nature of these characters and having them act in a unique way to make them stand out. We layer that with some mischievous interaction and top it off with some (if we may say it ourselves) sexy lighting.

The dry-ice-filled and spotlight-lit world around them enables them to go completely wild. We've exaggerated their rubber material by squashing and stretching every move, this way it becomes almost impossible to notice their lacking limbs.

Van een glitterende discobol tot rock-‘n- rollkapsels. De emoji's strijken opnieuw neer in alle 440 Belgische ALDI-winkels.

Tijdens de vorige editie stonden de emoji's in het teken van verse voeding. Dit jaar steekt ALDI de welgekende poppetjes in een muzikaal jasje onder de naam emoji Beats. De komende zes weken kunnen klanten verrassende emoji's zoals Funky Fez, Fil Folk en Rocka Billy verzamelen en zelfs een glow-in-the-dark figuurtje en een glitter-versie.

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