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What's Bugging You?
What's Bugging You?
What's Bugging You?
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Does it Bug you to be sick all the time?

We gave all fevers and discomforts a face so you can easily recognize them!
All these different ‘bugs’ have their own personality that fits their disease perfectly. We brought several of these monsters life for a 6 part TVC campaign, multiple keyvisuals and even an AR app.

What better way to present each individual character than have them take a group selfie? In our teaser we showcase all of them together.

Can you tell which one is which?




Executive Producer

Supervising Producer

“Make them repulsive, but cute…"
Mike Huber, Boutiq Films

All the TV spots

Video tvcs stills vifor 0003 Layer 14

Car Sickness

Reisus Krankus will jump on your stomach like a madman until you can’t handle the car-sickness anymore.

Video tvcs stills vifor 0012 Layer 5

Stuffy nose?

Schnupfus Maximus will clog your nose like there’s no tomorrow.

Video tvcs stills vifor 0016 Layer 1

Feeling Feverish?

Fiebrus Plagus taunts his victims with his warm feverish hands. Sneaking up from behind, he has no mercy.

Tvc pollus

Pollus Attacks!

It’s that time of the year again…

Video tvcs stills vifor 0008 Layer 9

Pounding Headache?

Kopfus Klopfus will pound your head like there’s no tomorrow!

Verfora Monsters making of Poster Image 2

The making of these buggers

You film, animate and paste it in right?
Something like that… Take a look at this epic breakdown to see what we pulled off behind the scenes.

Integrating stylized characters in live-action plates requires an intricate proces of on-set and post collaboration. You want to get all details right, from interaction with live objects and/or persons, the credibility of the animation, to the tangibility of the materials and composited integration.

“What a fascinating project. What a great collaboration. What a beautiful result. From the beginning to the end, everyone involved was very enthusiastic. And that’s exactly what you see when you watch the Bugs and their pranks.”
Moritz Adler, Creative Director Formeldrei

Realtime Monsters

Every successful brand, product or campaign relies heavily on it’s ability to generate multidisciplinary content. We brought these monsters to TV screens, in-pharmacy visuals, social media and even an AR app.