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Roos & Matthijs
Roos & Matthijs
Roos & Matthijs
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Roos & Matthijs

Meet OHRA's new duo

After 10 years the famous Rob & Els have been replaced by 2 new players in town. Where Rob & Els were unlucky, Roos & Matthijs are doomsayers. OHRA has launched a brand-new campaign, featuring these live-action and 3D personas.

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Look at them, so happy. No idea what is awaiting them... Roos & Matthijs will end up in all sorts of dire situations.

These characters were carefully crafted based on our designs, inspired by the real-life duo. Where the troubles for the real-life Roos and Matthijs will be pure fantasy, and play in their heads, our 3D Roos and Matthijs will have to endure. Read more below.

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OHRA Live-Action Campaign

Where the live-action campaigns will take events to an extreme, we'll exaggerate this even more in our limitless 3D universe. In this first spot the tone is set right, but our little 3D interpretations only have a small role to play. However, this introduction will launch a full-spectrum online and social media campaign, featuring our 3D duo in various outlandish scenarios.

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Character Design

What we needed to develop were relatable, cuddly, and stylized personas based on the actual real-life cast. This all needed to be poured into a freshly developed character design and look.

Below you can see a small selection of the design exploration routes we took.

Color Characters
OHRA face design matthijs v01
OHRA face design roos v01
Hi There!

We used a very illustrative language and tried to stick to these principles in 3D. Soft and simple geometric shapes with short torsos, long limbs with traight lines. These are key, and give us maximum control in animation, helps with readability and create a unique style.

The real-life duo's hairstyles and outfits were incorporated too, this way the connection between universes is easily made by an audience.

Ohra character modelsheet v04

Full-Spectrum campaign

Below a selection of works we are producing for this currently. Keep your eyes open for more soon!

Ohra switcht met nieuwe merkstrategie van pechvogels naar doemdenkers

Verzekeraar introduceert na 10 jaar nieuw duo Matthijs & Roos. ‘Niks vervlakking, gewoon écht goeie reclame’, aldus bureau Joe Public.


OHRA wil klanten positief verrassen met nieuwe merkstrategie

In de nieuwe reclame van OHRA wordt een nieuw jong stel geïntroduceerd: Matthijs en Roos. Ze staan net op eigen benen en hebben nog niet veel meegemaakt. Ze beelden zich van alles in wat er mis kan gaan. Dit ‘doemdenken’ wordt met humor uitvergroot, waarbij OHRA uiteindelijk altijd positief verrast en bij Matthijs en Roos een gevoel van opluchting resteert. De campagne gaat vandaag live op TV, radio, online en op sociale media.