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Getaway Island '23
Getaway Island '23
Getaway Island '23
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McDonald's Winter Wonderland

Introducing McD's Getaway Island - your ultimate winter escape into a world of frosty fun and a lot of surprises! Once again partnering with TBWA\NEBOKO and 51N, we've crafted an immersive experience bound to snowball its way into your hearts.

Getaway Island transforms into a mesmerizing snowy wonderland!

Picture this: a ski lift crafted from fries and sauce containers, a Sunday ice carousel, and towering McFlurry Mountains. Our intention each year is to design a unique, rich and detailed universe inspired by all products McDonald's has to offer.

Within all this visual richness, we aim to guide the user's attention in the right direction. We add enough visual distraction, to stay entertained, without users getting distracted and lost. This year, we're inviting them to explore all corners of the snowy wonderland, the layout was specifically designed to achieve this.

Mack's back! Can you spot Mack in his special reindeer, Santa Claus, or Ice Ball costumes while exploring the island?

Get ready for a thrilling surprise every week!

Among these surprises are two brand-new games: "Prezzi Stack" inspired by the tricky towers game and "Shopping Madness," where you need to dodge the Christmas shopping Mackies.

As clouds disappear, hidden games and new island wonders emerge. And guess what? Our classic favorites, "The Floor is Milkshake" and “Guess the Present,” are making their comeback.

And don’t forget, just like last summer, this winter wonder island offers you the opportunity to embark on exciting winter challenges alongside your friends. Compete in thrilling games, with the chance to win fantastic prizes. Every week, unlock exclusive deals and get your hands on cool McDonald's merch. 

December is all about sharing, and this app makes it even more enjoyable. At McDonald’s and Colorbleed, we believe in making every moment special, one frosty adventure at a time.

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