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Voice actors

Technical production

The Legend of Lutine

200 years ago, a ship with millions worth of gold disappeared into the depths of the sea. Most of her treasure is still unfound and with every attempt to salvage the gold only the legend became richer.

Immersive Experience

We built an immersive experience to tell the story of how La Lutine mysteriously sank on such a mundane journey and why her treasure is still left (almost) untouched until this day.

At 'Museum 't Behouden Huys Terschelling’ the audience can dive into this mystery and experience the legend of Lutine for themselves.

To tell the story as immersive as possible, we designed a ‘replica’ of the interior of La Lutine. A 200-year-old decayed version. The shipwreck's replica has a damaged hull giving the audience a peak inside the animated world we created.

Concept art room v05

With immersive spatial audio and light effects creeping through the cracks of the wood we suggest something ominous might be lurking in the depths. Everything is connected to the story, so we really involve the audience in the full experience.

Character art

For the face behind this catastrophe, we designed a young woman with a darker side to her. Radiating an ambiance no seaman could resist. By emphasizing her seducing beauty and mysterious atmospheric feel she lives up to the legend.

Lutine concept art
Concept art skynner john met tekst
Style and mood

Our pillars were very much based on capturing the mystery behind the legend with the use of strong moods. Creating a larger-than-life experience to depict what happened that evening, in an intimate way. An audience might feel like they were actually there when it happened.

We chose a highly stylized art style with tons of atmosphere that was still grounded in reality but gave us enough freedom to capture what we needed for the experience.

An intimate cabin, melancholic sea depths and a lustrous gold room turning in a captain's nightmare. Breath in the mysterious haze that surrounds this legend.


Experience for yourself at
Museum 't Behoude Huys