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Legend of Ikto
Legend of Ikto
Legend of Ikto
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The jungle has many hidden treasures, some need to stay hidden for excellent reasons…

Our heroes’ journey has led them deep into the undiscovered rainforest. A ruined temple, overgrown and seemingly abandoned offers what they have been looking for. Not knowing what to expect, the team has come prepared. As the peaceful site turns into a battle arena, our heroes find out they’ll get a little more than they signed up for.

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We had a solid idea for the cinematic aspects of composition, lighting and color use and how to have this change throughout the film. This way we were able to emphasize the story. We had a strong focus on the concept art to make sure these choices would correctly seep through to the final stages of this production.

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With the bar set by the concept art and storyboard we needed to make sure all the ideas propagated into the final shots. Early in the lighting stages we focused on setting the right mood and colors for each individual shot, to guide the viewer through the film.

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Combined with shots varying from slow and subtle to high-paced and exaggerated this allowed us to set the perfect tone for every scene. Through cinematic storytelling you follow the adventure up close in framing, mood, colors and lighting.

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“Equipping our scenes with all the components expected in real-life, from atmospheric fog, muzzle flashes, flying bugs and several other effects brought it to the next level..”
Roy Nieterau & Tom Hankins (Directors)