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Ep.04 Bluey Keeping it Cool in Rio de Janeiro

Making flights more fun:
Shaping the Mascot for KLM’s youngest passengers

We were challenged with the task to entertain children during those, often long and boring, intercontinental flights. Colorbleed developed an animated childrens’ series for KLM and DDB & Tribal Amsterdam about KLM’s young mascot, Bluey. The series takes place in a colorful and vibrant world where every flight is an adventure.


“Over 15 million views worldwide”
Bluey caramel Factory wide

Online traction

KLM shared all Bluey episodes on Facebook and Youtube. June 2019 we reached a staggering total of 15 milion + worldwide online views. Reaching international Bluey fans all over the globe.

Bluey is part of KLM’s in-flight entertainment system, with tens of millions of yearly flights we are proud to brighten many kids’ day.

“We created an animated series that is fun for kids and also entertaining for adults”
Klm ep 03 bluey and the christmas airsho 00 04 23 950

Ep.03 Bluey and the Christmas Airshow

In the second episode we follow him on an adventure in a mystical winter wonderland. See how Bluey tries to save the airshow in the newest Bluey film.

KLM used this episode to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. They quickly reached over 5 million views sending out a lot of Christmas love over the entire world!

“My toddler loved this!! I think Bluey is a new favourite character of his :)”
Sparkles And Stretchmarks, Youtube viewer
Klm ep 02 bluey the wellness centre 00 01 44 716 0

Ep.02 Bluey The Wellness Centre

In this episode Bluey discovers the wellness centre, taking special care of all the aircraft.

“What a beautiful animation. Keep going KLM and looking forward to your next videos!!”
Rommy Vinueza, Youtube viewer
0020 bluey Question 23

Ep.01 Bluey and the flower parade

In this first episode Bluey, his father and his friend Windy have a spectacular adventure at a flower parade in Zundert.

“They should make a animated plane movie!! That would be the best!”
Cole The VII, Youtube viewer