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the New MijnTele2 App
the New MijnTele2 App
the New MijnTele2 App
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No explanimations for us, just crazy action-packed rides!

We joined hands with Ronin Amsterdam to bring attention to the new Tele2 app. And we hope it grabbed your attention! Every once in a while you get this gem of a project for a brand that dares to take the risk to make something edgy. Enjoy!


Tele2 1
Tele2 2

The Tele2 Universe

Data flows consisting of emoji’s, cookies, milk and donuts…

A self-learning chatbot…

In space! What more do you need?

This ride was specifically designed to entertain and simultaneously explain.

120 still v001 63
160 still v001 65

Mr. Chatbot

To assist Tele2 app users faster and more intelligent, the Chatbot was introduced. As a self-learning helpdesk clerk he’ll develop hero-status in no time.

Mr. Chatbot’s design resembles something you would find in an 80’s toy store. Don’t let that oldschool look fool you though, when fully transformed to his Fabio-like appearance (including the required Pec-dance) he’ll outsmart any human being.

Robot alpha voorkeith
Tele2 styleframe v001
Tele2 styleframe v003


The challenge is to bend the rules without breaking them. Every choice concerning design, action or shot shot is a calculated one. Nothing is random or arbitrary.

Alongside with Ronin we gave the app a whole new dimension, complementing the rules of the Tele2 brand.

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