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Monnie Tricks
Monnie Tricks
Monnie Tricks
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Let Monnie teach your child about his/her first savings account

Monnie – the cheeky purple hippo of the SNS bank – teaches kids how to handle their money. These days children are in less and less contact with ‘real’ money. So how do you really teach them the value of money? With Monnie! We designed the digital Monnie to be a fun and standout character with a bright personality. With his many diverse faces (disguises?) he teaches “Monnie Tricks” to the smallest first time bank account owners. Teaching them how to save money, track their allowance and more. You might have seen him as a Rapper, School-kid, Detective, Skater or dressed and ready for the Summer Holiday but to us he’s just the lovely cheeky hippo.

All the Monnie Tricks!

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Technical animation and simulation

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