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Shoppy the Mascot
Shoppy the Mascot
Shoppy the Mascot
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Shoppy Football

Shoppy is a huge YoungBoys™ Football fan. Let him demonstrate you his signature clumsy-cool keepy-uppy moves in this video made for the Giant screens of the YoungBoys™ Soccer-arena.

YoungBoys Football



This clumsy-cool guy is Shoppy!

He’s a mascot, believe it or not!

He proudly represents the Shoppyland malls all over Switzerland, bringing you a variety of content.

Shoppy still v003

He’s clumsy, he’s cute, but he sure is creative!

Shoppy wishes you happy birthday and expresses his well wishes with some caligraphy on the wall.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Shoppy.

When he’s not supporting his favorite soccer team or writing cute messages on walls, he’s shining bright in a wide variety of print campagins.

On the left here, our bird offers visits to a rollercoaster ride.

Shoppy rollercoaster square